[Q&A] Nu:Tone: Hospital will do everything in-house

Our website has been in constant contact with Hospital Records for several months now. We follow closely everything around the organization. In 2016 Hospital celebrated their 20th anniversary. Its daughter-label MedSchool also had an anniversary. The Hospitality movement had its very first own festival and release № 300 came out from the Hospital laboratory. The organization also won several prestigious awards. Our team managed to cover several of their Hospitality nights on the biggest European festivals.

The news that the label is going to visit Bulgaria again filled us with great joy. We made arrangements and got to do several interviews with our partners. MC Fava, who's going to host Sofia's event, was the first to speak to us. Nu:Tone was next - one of the three guest DJs for the night. We talked with Nu:Tone about the label's development, choosing several different topics without being too annoying. You can read the whole conversation below:

Hi, Nu:Tone! Where do we catch you at the moment? What have you been working on?

Currently at home after a long day in the studio with my brother Logistics, we’re currently working on Nu:Logic material for a project later this year…
You are one of the most honored Liquid artists. Share with us what made you prefer Liquid to the rest of the DnB subgenres, specifically?

I actually have a real affinity for any d&b with soul, whether that’s liquid or deeper stuff.  Before producing and DJing d&b I used to play soul/rare groove/jazz, so the musical and soulful side of d&b was always going to be my home really.
You have been a part of the most powerful Liquid label – Hospital - in the past few years. How and when did you become a part of London Electricity’s label?

I signed with Hospital in 2004 after sending them a demo CD in the post.  I had released a few singles on labels like Soul:R, but had a lot of music floating around on dubplate at that point. 

Hospital Records are now celebrating their 21st anniversary. What is the secret to the label’s high ranking for over two decades now?

I think the absolute key to it is an eye for interesting talent, both in terms of artists but also staff at the label.  One of the less obvious aspects of Hospital is that wherever possible, they will do everything in-house. 
Mentioning the label’s age, the 'We Are 21' compilation was released recently. Tell us a few words about the release. What can we find inside it?

It’s really a snapshot of Hospital in 2017 - it features all of the signed artists, as well a lot of friends and family.  Lots of music that is exclusive to this release, and a few of our favourite recent tracks from artists on other labels as well.
In 2016, when Hospital celebrated 20, the label organized its first festival - Hospitality in the park. What are your impressions from the festival?

It was amazing to experience!  I’ve been playing at Hospitality events since 2004, and when I think about all the steps along the way, it’s incredible to witness what it has grown into!
In December Hospital was declared the 'Best Label' at DnB Arena. How do you asses this award? After all, it is a result of fans’ voting.

Those kinds of awards are always special to receive, but the Best Label award feels particularly significant, as labels are big organisations to run.  To win that award a few years in a row, shows that Hospital must be doing something right!

In April you will be in Sofia as a part of the Hospitality Bulgaria party night. Will this be your first visit in the country?

It’s been a few years since I was last in Sofia, but it was great last time I came.
What are your expectations of the event?

I’m really looking forward to it!  I have had lots of great nights in that part of the world, I’m sure this visit will be just as good.
We hope to see you there! Thank you for your time! Wish something to your Bulgarian fans!

I look forward to meeting a few of you at Hospitality Bulgaria - thank you for all the support!

Thank you. Please let me know when it's live :)


Don't forget to visit Hospitality Bulgaria!

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1056140827831346/
Tickets: http://www.eventim.bg/bg/bileti/hospitality-bulgaria-sofi-klub-terminal-1-941208/performance.html

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