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For this interview, the questions and subsequent answer traveled through literally the whole diameter of the Earth. Our team, based in Bulgaria, sent the questions to MC Fava, who is in New Zealand for his Sun and Bass tour right now. At the moment, Philip Warthmann is one of the most successful hosts in the global liquid drum and bass scene. With performances for Liquicity, Spearhead, Commercial Suicide and many more, the German made a name for himself as one of the best in the business. At the moment Fava is part of almost all Hospital Records gigs and is becoming a mandatory lineup addition.

Fortunately, we'll soon be able to hear MC Fava on Bulgarian soil as well. On the 1st of April the artist is performing in Club Terminal 1 in Sofia along with three of the hottest DJs from Hospital Records. Hospitality Bulgaria is becoming more popular by the day and it's expected that the venue will be crowded on the day of the event. Weeks before the gig, we managed to get a hold on to MC Fava for a short interview. Enjoy your reading.


Hi, Phil! Where do we catch you at the moment?

Hi guys! You actually catch me on the other side of the world. I am on tour in Australia and New Zealand with Delicat & A-Sides to represent the fabulous festival Sun and Bass which usually happens on Sardinia every summer. I am their resident MC since 10 years.
Not long ago, you appeared at the stage as an MC and then you quickly turned into a main host of all Hospital Records events. Is Liquid DnB the genre you fit best, what do you think?

I actually started Mcing around the year 2000. Since approximately 7 years I am traveling the world to sing them people of love and life. I worked with Hospital artists from the start, my first appearance at an offical Hospitality was in 2011. I am capable of hosting various DnB styles, I can let myself competely go if the music is melodic and harmonic though as I sing as well.

Up until 2015 you were among the nominees for 'Best Newcomer MC' at D&B Arena Awards. Last year you were among the 'Best MC' nominees. It seems for one year the fans have noticed your growth and appreciated it. Do you feel experienced enough as an MC?
I was nominated at the awards for the last few years and I am of course very happy about getting recognized at an international music award being a non native speaker. 2015 I was actually nominated in both categories, best newcomer MC and best MC. 2016 the best newcomer MC category didn ́t exist anymore. With almost 15 years on the mic and approximately 100 shows a year worldwide I can definitely say that I could gain some good experience already. Though I think you can never be experienced enough!

If we focus on DnB, how much time did it take you to become a top MC? When and how did your stage career begin and how much time did it take you to reach Hospitality?
As already mentioned above, I roughly travel the world since 7 years. The years before I more and more began playing all over Europe and could manifest my name in the scene. Hospital exclusively added me to their roster 2 years ago, I am playing for them since 2011 already though every now and then.
Putting aside your Drum and Bass development, you are a part of the Ska Punk band No Authority. What is in common between Ska Punk and DnB and what made you develop in these two directions namely?
My band exists since 1996. It ́s pretty rad that we play together since 21 years and I wouldn ́t wanna miss the experience and deep friendship that arose from the epic time. I have a punk rock background, listened to rock ever since and was a Rock DJ for 10 years as well. When I first listened to Drum ́n Bass around 95 it totally got me – it was the electronic Punkrock for me with the same speed and energy. I love good Techno as well and actually listen to it since I am 16 years old, DnB changed my life though back in the days.
No Authority - Facebook Page

Unlike most of your colleagues, you do not often participate in studio releases. It seems that you are more focused on stage performances. Should we expect your participation in a DnB track soon?
Oh, that ́s not quite true mate. I already have between 80 and 100 releases on respected labels like Hospital, Med School, V, Commercial Suicide or Spearhead. As far as I know I am rather one of the MCs with the most releases amongst names like Dynamite, DRS, Conrad and Darrison. Actually I am just working on my debut album with fantastic names of the scene. Watch out for that one! :)

What is the secret for an MC to become successful on the DnB stage? When did the fans get used to your performance, and have you ever felt a negative attitude towards you or your fellow MCs?
The style of Mcing definitely varies with the event, subgenre or crowd you are dealing with. My philosophy is that I see my voice as another instrument that is flowing within the music and not above. I have a musical background, play guitar and sing in bands since 2 decades, studied music and am a music teacher as well. I do think that it helps a lot to have knowledge about music. However, for me the key to success is definitely authenticity and positivity.
How do you decide when to get involved into a particular set and when to remain silent?
Again this varies with the style of DnB I am hosting, the event or the crowd you are adressing. In general I do not decide on anything – it just happens as I let myself go and feel the music. There are definitely events where I do more and others where I do less though due to various reasons.
In your Ska Punk career you are also a guitar player. Do you participate in creating the tracks of No Authority?
Yes, I actually very often write the main structure of the songs since I am one of 2 guitar players and the singer of the band. So I usually come up with a guitar riff and the vocal idea, record bass, guitars and vocals at home and build a beat with cubase to present the song to the band. Our horn section adds their arrangements then and we round up the tunes together in the rehearsal room.
Have you considered starting to produce DnB at some stage of your career?
I totally produced Drum ́n Bass 10 years ago every now and then and started under the alias „Doc Punkroc“ and another one called „Scenique“. There were no releases involved though. Apparently the belarusian label Soul Red Recordings released 2 of the tunes I produced more than 10 years ago in 2016. You can get „Darkness“ and „Broken Love“ online if you are interested to check it :) Since I also work full time / part time as a teacher in Germany and am busy with the band, I only focused on recording vocals recently.

You’ve participated in multiple events and festivals. Can you give a top 5 of your most memorable performances during the years?
Oh wow, that ́s of course a tough one! One of the highlights ever was definitely the Global Gathering with Hospital stage in the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, South Korea with 50 000 people attending. One of the best gigs of the year is the annual Sun and Bass festival with music lovers traveling from all around the world to get together at this magical place. Last year ́s Let it Roll in the Czech Republic was a banger as well with me being on the mic for 13 hours for Hospital and Med School all in all. Another one I have to mention was the show at the mindblowing „Metro City“ in Perth on last years Hospitality tour in AUS & NZ. Imagine a venue with 7 floors all crowded with up to 2000 people watching down on you like in an arena as you smash it on a stage that is spread over 3 levels itselves. Such a sick venue! Not to forget the epic day we had last year at the very first Hospitality in the Park in London and me being on the main stage with my good mates Fred V & Grafix – a moment that touched my heart and brought me to my knees. These were all rather big shows, there were so many unforgettable moments in small clubs as well – another thing I love, an intimate amount of people in a wicked venue feeling what they are doing together!
Top 5 of the best Liquid DnB tracks at the moment?
1. Urbandawn feat. Thomas Oliver – They told me
2. Metrik – Northern Lights

3. Patife feat. MC DRS – I will

4. Fred V & Grafix feat. Amy J Pryce – Altitude

5. ArpXP feat. MC Fava – Fade Away

Where can we see you and hear you in the following months?
I will be touring over New Zealand end of February. In March I play 2 Hospitalities in the UK and am on tour in South Africa for 2,5 weeks. April I am hitting 6 countries in Europe and in May Sun and Bass might tour Brazil and Chile. You can check my tour dates section on the MC Fava facebook page if you want to check all gig details.
You will be a part of Hospitality Night on the 1st of April in Bulgaria. What do you know about Bulgarian audience and what are your expectations about the event?
To be honest, it will be my first ever show in Bulgaria and I am very happy to be part of the celebration. I am curious to get to know your scene but am sure that the love and passion will be very strong and vibes will be magical! I am very excited to sing for you guys in Sofia soon!
Thank you for your time! Wish something to the audience!
Thank you for the nice chat mate! Health and happiness out to everyone reading this! Don ́t ever lose your passion for music and spread love whenever you can. Shine on with a beautiful smiling face. Life is awesome and even after rainy days, the sun will shine again one day.

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