METROPOLIS pres. HEROES TOTAL w/ Ben Klock & more

After their big NYE party METROPOLIS continue their strong streak with a new grandiose show. On the 2nd of March in Inter Expo Center in Sofia three techno DJs are going to stand behind the decks - Julian Jeweil, Ilario Alicante and one of the biggest in the techno world - Ben Klock.

METROPOLIS have took it upon themselves to assure a strong start of the techno season in the capital. They've gathered three of the best from Western Europe. The represented countries are France, Italy and Germany and the three names get bigger and bigger the more you look up the lineup. All three of them have already been in Bulgaria, at the invitation of METROPOLIS, but they'll be performing at the IEC for the first time. The location has been scarcely used by the organization, but their last party there was a monstrous show featuring Sam Paganini and Alan Fitzpatrick, so we, at Low Frequencies, welcome the choice of location.

But let's talk about the artists. The first guest is the based in Marseille, Southern France Julian Jeweil. Based there, but spending much of his time in Berlin (for obvious reasons). His career starts in 2007 when his own "Air conditionné" quickly climbs up the Beatport techno charts. He followed that with a string of successes. recording for enormous labels like Cocoon Recordings and Plus 8 Records. The scene quickly catches up and the Frenchman starts playing the best clubs and biggest festivals. His popularity has been on the rise and he has developed his producing skills, resulting in having four of the top ten tracks of the Beatport techno charts for September 2015 occupied by his works. Julian has been in Bulgaria three times before. His first visit was in 2014 when he again shares the stage with Ilario Alicante - the second guest we're going to talk about. That was followed by a strong performance along with Brits WHYT NOYZ at the start of 2015. The last time the Frenchman was here, he destroyed the Perla beach near Primorsko, alongside Monika Kruse and Sasha Carassi. With his fourth visit in as many years, Julian Jeweil has categorically become a favourite of the Bulgarian crowd and of the METROPOLIS organization.

The event's second guest is the aforementioned Ilario Alicante. The Italian was born in 1988 in Livorno and his careers starts at a really tender age, when he's still a clubber at the local venues. He later becomes resident of the Pachamama club in Pisa which leads to a Time Warp debut at 20 years old - the youngest debut for the festival ever. From there on every year has been bigger than the last for the Italian, who releases hit after hit for labels like Cocoon and SCI + TEC. At the moment he's travelling and performing a lot in order to present his craft everywhere he's welcomed. Reading his programme, it includes Switzerland, Italy, Germany, the UK and a mini-tour in Australia. Alicante has been in Bulgarian twice before, every time at the invitation of METROPOLIS - in 2014 along with Julian Jeweil and in 2015 on the Perla beach alongside another favourite of the Bulgarian crowd - Alan Fitzpatrick. Now, the Italian is going to get behind the decks after his French colleague, but before the unquestionable headliner of the night - the third guest, Ben Klock.

We don't think the German genius needs any kind of introduction to the Bulgarian techno crowd. Although he debuted in the country only a year ago, he captured the hearts and minds of the audience with an uncompromising five-hour Berlin techno set in the Refrigerator factory. At the moment Klock is techno's global megastar - in 2015 he even won the coveted Essential Mix of the Year title, beating a strong showcase from Italians Tale of Us. This year he was even part of the jury that chose Midland for his successor. Klock is known worldwide as the resident of the mythical Berlin club Berghain since its inception in 2004. The way he selects and mixes his tracks in unique in that it's not just of great quality, but is full of real artistry, which is rare nowadays. Klock is skilled in bringing out the best of every transition, in mixing any two tracks in the most melodic way possible and in imbuing every note with his own German magic. When you listen to a set of his, it's really easy to forget where you are and what you were doing - you just want to listen and dance. And that's why the German is one of the biggest names in techno for the last ten years.

And so, METROPOLIS stun us again with an excellent booking. The location is really easy to reach, because there's a subway station right in front of the entrance and the Metro store's parking lot is right across of the IEC and is open for use during the night. Tickets are available for 40 lv ≈ 20 euro in Eventim's network. See you there!
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