Trainspotting Night w/ Darren Emerson | Mixtape 5

On the 11th of February an event is going to be held in club Mixtape 5, that is going to give us the opportunity to hear some less popular in Bulgaria electronic music genres. Guest of the brand new promoter team deviant nights is going to be the British DJ Darren Emerson and the concept of the evening is tied to the wide release of the sequel to the cult film Trainspotting.

Trainspotting is a movie with which a lot of us have grown up in the mid to late 90s. Having won the Best Scottish Film of all time prize, it belongs to the group of those rare movies that both critics and audiences love. A big part of that result, other than the terrific directorial work of Danny Boyle and the brilliant performances of several of the best Scottish and British actors of our time, is the soundtrack of the picture. And here's where we find the connection to the party with Darren Emerson.

Around the time when Trainspotting comes out, Emerson is a part of the British dance trio Underworld. He's the main person responsible for the success of the group in the mid-90s. After joining the group, the project starts putting out one brilliant single after another. Two of them are included in the Trainspotting soundtrack. After the movie comes out, Underworld's fame explodes literally in a weekend. The cult track "Born Slippy (NUXX)" climbs to second spot at the UK Singles  Chart, but the bigger recognition comes in 2004 when readers of the respectable Mixmag magazine put it at number 4 for the Best Dance Track Ever. Its experimental and futuristic sound makes it feel fresh and enjoyable even today, more than 20 years after its initial success. And one of its creators, Darren Emerson, is going to spin for us on the 11th of February in Mixtape 5.

From those days until now Emerson's career has gone through a lot of change. After three successful albums with Underworld he leaves the project in the year 2000 and starts his solo career. In the next 17 years he has carved out a name for himself as a respectable DJ with magnetic presence, but his true power lies in his selection process. From progressive house through techno, trance, breakbeat, to electronica and experimental genres like IDM, he has it all. Most of those genres we don't get to hear regularly in Bulgaria, so this is a real opportunity for the fans of the unorthodox. Especially the melodic vibes of prog house and prog trance is something that's been missing from the Bulgarian scene, where techno and tech house rule unopposed. This is the reason Darren Emerson's visit has got us so excited and we're sure that the night will be a memorable one.

Two of the biggest names in the Bulgarian electronic scene are going to support Emerson behind the decks - Steven and Jassen Petrov. We've talked about them a lot, because of their involvement with the Metropolis brand and we're positive our readers are already aware of their work. The new name in the lineup is actually the duo Eternal, behind which lie Kaloyan Kolev and Teodor Krastev. The two are some of the first members of the Under_Costruction techno movement that we've been working with and that has been growing in popularity in the underground circles of Sofia. We can enjoy their sets in the B-side hall of Mixtape 5.

Limited quantity promo tickets are available for 19 leva and can be purchased at OMV, The Mall, Epay Go and all EasyPay booths, as well as the Eventim network. After they are sold out, the price goes up to 24 leva. The tickets are valid for both halls of the club.
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