[Release] Sub Systems - LFREE004 (Low Frequencies)

After we launched our Free Release series in the summer of 2016, we are now ready to announce the release of its fourth edition. LFREE004 continues the DnB vision initiated by our previous edition, by even increasing the dynamics with aggressive and hard shade.

The current release is produced by SUB SYSTEMS, who is now moving back to his hometown – Sofia, after a few years living abroad. He is even moving his whole studio with him. After a number of releases for various labels, including Mindocracy Recordings, SUB SYSTEMS now provides us with full four pieces, which will definitely reinforce our catalog.

Distor’ is the starting piece of the LFREE004 release. After a short intro and even shorter development part, the track turns into a Technoid grinder with fast and broken beat and hard kick and snare. ‘Gold Plated’ shows its teeth from the very beginning, by rapidly growing into a high-speed track with slight hard bass shade. ‘Knobs’ displays the distinctive dynamic orderliness of Techstep tracks, diversified by regular sharp bassline and high frequency digital elements, resembling Nintendo sounds. ‘Skull’ pours out quite a lot of break elements plus a broken drum section, and gives the final touch of the whole release.

True to his style and his love for experimenting with sound, SUB SYSTEMS stays away from the use of known samples. The artist insists on creating his work by himself, using entirely analog equipment. Without unnecessary software and without superimposing of identical sounds, Sub Systems made a classy entrance to the LFREE series and broke the sound of the releases presented by us up.

LFREE004 will be available for direct download via our Bandcamp page on February 13th. Up until then, be on the lookout for future uploads of the release pieces! We are starting with 'Knobs' and you can find the preview in the end of the publication.

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