[Release] Gydra - Unhinged (Cause4Concern)

Renowned drum & bass label Cause4Concern have left nothing to chance this year, although for a label who's expanded their brand across the entire industry this comes as no surprise. They've worked for years to set themselves up as one of the defining imprints within the drum & bass scene, time and time again delivering classics which have been held up by label founders Optiv and CZA. And throughout their careers, they've put out some of the biggest breakthrough names, including Gydra a production outfit who've delivered a monumental EP for their next release.

Gydra are themselves a force to be reckoned with, having unleashed a massive twenty tracks over the last two years. Whether it's been on Eatbrain, Blackout, Dutty Audio or Bad Taste, they've amassed a huge amount of label support, receiving platforms on every corner of the globe. ‘Unhinged' is a murky look into their world, the kind of music which draws you deep into darkest clubs across Europe and hijacks your aural synapses. Gydra never falter with their aggressive, uncompromising sound, proving why they were snapped up by Cause4Concern as quickly as they were.

Title-track ‘Unhinged' starts as it means to go on. A slick, snapping cut which bows to nobody and winds up on warbling beats, Gydra introduce what they're about. Crashing pads elevate the hooks and with every layer comes a new assault. ‘Noise of the Machine' is more foreboding in its intro, yet still hints at the chaos which is about to ensue. Pounding drums and bass heavy distortion lines the mix with every breakdown. Then comes ‘Chain Gang', zipping between heavy subs and a construction line of cranking hits. ‘Rampage' rolls out last with a synth laddered undertone, developing its melody before it punches through with cataclysmic drum peddling and a grabbing hook.

Gydra do what they do best, conjuring the darkest manifestations of drum & bass and providing a package that is best served cold. This EP signals that since they began their journey, they've not looked back, building on an already impressive, angry musicality which has only grown more and more solid since their first output.

Release Date: March 3rd
Beatport Exclusive: February 20th

Source: Cygnus Music
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