[Release] Funkware - Liquidator LP (Funkstuff Recordings)

The most productive Bulgarian Liquid Funk artist strikes with brand new LP

The nascent tradition of putting out a full-length album around the verge of a new year has been temporarily disturbed by the artist's last LP (barely 6 months ago, the Impossible Winner LP) but things are put back in order with the Liquidator! As pompous and bossy as the title can get, we claim it personifies his coming-of-age musical journey and tops off a successful year. The name also hints at the techier side of this release, which somewhat contrasts Funkware's routine style as horns are kept to the sanitary minimum. The FSR004CD digs deep into different domains of the genre and the pace varies considerably but the total vibe is evenly deep and lyrical, with frequent vocals and a lot of wobbly bass, extending even to neurofunk references. Experience the less known face of the Funksmith Funkware, who forged an impressive album for Funkstuff Recordings again. 

Release Date: December 2016

Source: Funkstuff Recordings

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