[Release] Doon Kanda - Heart (Hyperdub)

The visual artist Jesse Kanda starts a career as a misic producer

According to FACT, Doon Kanda, the Jesse Kanda's music alter-ego, releases its very first EP for the UK based label Hyperdub. Jesse is a visual artist, who co-worked with musicians such as Björk, FKA Twigs and Arca on their video instsllments. After building up a name as a notorious video-making artist, Kanda choose to get involved directly into music production.

The EP is named Heart and contains five tracks with total lenght of 13 minutes. It is available to be purchased on digital from today, as the vinyl version coming in the end of February (24th). It seems Doon Kanda's musical experience will be such as twisted as Jesse Kanda's visual experiments. Of you want a proof, just look at the cover ;)

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