[Release] After the EP from L 33, C4C are launching Malux

Cause4Concern know how to pick the best and emphasising this fact is a brand new release featuring one of the most exciting names to come through in 2016. Malux was standing on the forefront of newcomers acts last year, collaborating with other likeminded artists and carving a place for himself within the scene. And with this next single, this year is looking to be no different, delivering new music to an expanding fan base and proving that he's still got the stamina to compete against the heavyweights.

Establishing himself on Cause4Concern, a defining imprint who have mixed the contemporary styles of today's genre with the well-loved classical heavy basslines of the 90s, there was no better home to help build his reputation. Alongside a wide range of singles and collaborative efforts on the likes of Ram Records, Bad Taste and more, Malux has been working hard in the studio and ‘False', as well as his Optiv & CZA remix of ‘Dead Beat', goes to show this.

False' takes on the traditional neuro-infused roller but with Malux's signature twist. With craftily distorted bass and rolling drum patterns, Malux slowly begins to build his track layer on layer, creating a cascading monster. Bouncing between breaks, ‘False' takes you deep into the dark and dirty world which he's been crafting since his very first output. With a carefully woven composition which comprises of stabbing beats and a pounding bassline, the track winds up again for a second time midway, hitting harder with every relapse and proving Malux can still pack a punch.

Optiv & CZA's ‘Dead Beat' was a track that resonated globally in the world's slickest clubs. And this time, Malux has brought out his own demons from the tracks make up, still paying homage to the original whilst turning it on its head. Each distorted drum peddle is given an even nastier edge, creating a static electricity which can be felt with every loop of bass. Malux proves once again that he's a master of his art, taking on a track from two legendary artists and moving it into a different light. Keep an eye on Malux, because there's still big things ahead for the producer.

Release Date: February 10th
Beatport Exc: January 27th

Source: Cygnus PR
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