[Release] Aethek with a forthcoming EP for Renraku

Bosnian producer Adis Kutkut is no doubt one of the best experimenters on the underground music scene all over the world. Firstly, Adis represented his twisted approach in making beats with his DnB-focused alter ego Billain. From techtstep and neurofunk to minimalistic build ups, the project broke all the rules in the 170+ bpm genre. Besides Billain, the Bosnian manages several other projects in many dimensions of the music universe. One of them is Aethek.

In Greek, aether (also ether) is the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere[1]. Another theory considered aether to be a physical medium occupying every point in space, thus permeating also all material bodies[2]. In musical language, Aethek represents the low cut sound in the gap between many and more genres and subgenres such as Ambient, Broken Beat, Cinematic, Downtempo, Glitch, just to name a few.

The only proper way to feel Aethek's music is to listen to it. Several tracks from the project were released on MethLab Recordings, Terminal and several more labels during the last few months. The next Aethek's release is coming from Renraku in the end of January, bringing three masterpieces from the debts of the artist's experimental mind. The EP is named '1991 VG' and will be released on January 24th.

Source: Terminal PR
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