[Q&A] Sub Systems: I love the hardware, there is no limits to design a sound

Today we are going to share with you our short talk with SUB SYSTEMS - the producer behind our forthcoming fourth release. The artist gave us four exclusive tracks, produced with analog hardware only. The EP is going to be released on Frebruary 6th on our Bandcamp page. Before that we invited the mastermind behind the project to share something about himself, his love for the hardware equipment, his music career and what not. In the chat bellow we talked about the LFREE004, about SUB SYSTEMS' artistic views and ideas and about his first steps as an event promoter. Enjoy reading!


Hello, Sub Systems! Tell us more about yourself. How and when did you start your career and what made you choose drum and bass
Hello, I'm designing and making many styles but i Iove drum and bass because it is the most abstract style and you can put everything you want to.. Like sounds, melodies, beats, bass, distortions and many more designed effects and sounds !!!

I've started 10 years ago like every amateur player, playng with (FL STUDIO) and samples. I was doing it 3 years and then I realized one thing. The thing was that I'm doing nothing with samples so I questioned myself how to create sound. After this question here I am 7 years creating my own sound design in the only one Software which isn't based on fake sounds or samples and stuff .  ABLETON instruments are the only  physical calculators for frequencies and sound design by generator ..
I'm also working with analog hardware. It's the best experience in my work because you are touching the music that you make.

You’ve lived abroad for a long time, but you’re situated in Sofia at the moments. What made you come back to Bulgaria?  

I have been at many places and countries but only in Bulgaria for now
you can find rarely real food, to go into the breathtaking mountains and nature and many more real things.

As far as we know, you prefer to construct your sounds yourself, instead of relying on samples. Do you feel it’s important for musicians to create their music themselves, instead of arranging “digital” jigsaw puzzles?
I don't have words to describe how I look at that thing with the pirate downloaded lego people calling themselfs musicians with style!!!! The most important thing is to express yourself with your own sounds and the truth about it comes with sound design on correct physicoacoustic software or analog hardware such as modulars and many more advanced synths, FM synths and many sound creating devices.
You’re working entirely with analog installations. Why? What attracts you towards this kind of work and why do you avoid the digital methods?

I love the hardware, there is no limits to design a sound. The digital  no sample use or wavepad synth's and stuff are only in ABLETON INSTRUMENTS section they are called psysical emulators. They are calculating the sound you are designing by physical methods translated from your CPU algorythm to psychoacoustic waves and finally go full analog into the speakers. I don't avoid the digital methods, I just prefer the hardware.

Other than being a DJ and producer, you’re making your first steps as a promoter. The initiative for the first Mindocracy Label Night in Sofia was yours. What drove you to start organizing events and why did you settled on that event?

So my first steps as a promoter in Bugaria are inspired by the non proffesional events happening at our home stage and my desire is to make it better. I'm making the MINDOCRACY NIGHT because I have big respect for BEN BUSSEL (also known as THE MIND) and my inspiration is to start organizing events with him in BULGARIA on a professional level..

The main reason for this interview is that you’re the mind behind LFREE04. Tell us more about the release. How many tracks does it consist and what’s the concept behind each one of them?

The 4 tracks are DISTOR, GOLD PLATED, KNOBS and SKULL and they are created to give something new, interesting and more complicated for listening and understaning .

Other than your participation in our free label, what more can we expect from you in the coming months? Are you working on tracks for other labels?

In the upcoming months have 2 events. The first Is not announced yet and the second is MINDOCRACY LABEL NIGHT. Yes I'm preparing already one production called "GRAVITY EP", more info soon !!

Thank you for your time! Would you, please, wish our readers something?

Stay positive and enjoy my free EP ...

LFREE004 is going to be released on the 6th of February. Don't forget to follow SUB SYSTEM's fan pages for more future information about him:

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