[Q&A] ASM: We have always just done what has felt right for us

September, 2016. We've arrived at Fazana the same day and shortly after our accommodation got sorted out, we set out for the city's amphitheatre. Our group was a fairly big one, 10 people strong, and all of us had already been to Outlook before. Although we had seen several opening concerts in years past, we were looking forward to seeing the festival's first night. The emotion in the amphitheatre is unparalleled, especially when the arena comes alive with the sound, the light effects and a strong artistic presence. The headliner that night was Damian Marley and most of our companions were headed to the concert to see him perform, but I can still remember very distinctly that one person said that ASM should not be missed.

We found our seats on the stone beches in the amphitheatre and after Eliphino's set, ASM came out on the stage. Fade, Green and FP had a really strong presence, supported by three of their live band musicians. And the show was magnificent! On the next day we repeated the experience on the first Beach party in Outlook's schedule, where the scale was smaller, but the performance was as good as the night before. And since it's hard for me to put the emotion of an ASM concert into words, I'm glad that they're coming to Bulgaria, so that the public can see them perform. And the concert is a fact, thanks to Club Terminal 1's management. We had the chance to chat with the headliners several days ago. Read the interview below and get ready for the event on the 28th of January!


Hello, Green T, FP and Fade! You’re all from different countries (Canada, Germany and England). Tell us when and how was the band started. What made you believe you could work together fruitfully?

Hello! Even though we’re all from different countries we all actually went to school together in Germany… so when we started ASM it was really just 3 friends having fun, not thinking about it, just doing it for the love. I think we met when we were around 12 years old!

You’re the core of ASM, but you have a number of musicians around you that contribute to your work. Why did you decide to mix your work with live music and why did you chose wind instruments?

I think because we’re so influenced by funk, soul, jazz and reggae music as well as hip hop it was only natural to integrate live instruments into our music and particularly a horn section because we all know the horns bring the funk! 

At the end of 2016 you celebrated 10 years of ASM. You’ve done a lot on stage for these ten years. Tell us, what has made you the happiest as a band during these years.

It’s still crazy for us to think that three best friends who grew up together, who never really planned to have a career in music, are still making music together… still travelling the world together, still hanging out and partying together. That’s the best thing, to get to live this dream with your friends – we’ve rocked so many incredible shows over the years, we’ve honestly lost count but I’m sure it’s way over 500 +.. met a lot of amazing people a long the way too!

You’ve released three studio albums (four with Cosmic Flavour). Are you already working on a new album and if so, when can we expect its release?

We just released an EP called String Theory and right now we’re doing a few side projects – Fade has his RHINO project and Green and FP are heading on the Chinese Man tour … but we’ll be back making music together as ASM really soon!

You’ve shown a unique approach to your music through the years and you’ve never conformed to the clichés of the scene. How important is it for an artist to stay true to himself and to his art instead of searching widespread appreciation?
For ASM we’ve always just done what has felt right for us. We always tried to push ourselves to make better, more interesting music but never tried to make music to be popular. I think the golden rule that we’ve always stuck by is that we want to make music that we can be proud of – not music that we think people want us to make. 
You’re playing live in Sofia at the end of January, at Terminal 1 Club. What can we expect from you for a club show and which members of the band are going to be at the gig?

It’s going to be all the members of ASM (FP, Green, Fade) but without our live band. So this is really a back to the roots show – Fade on turntables and MPCs and FP and Green on the mics. We’ll be playing all our classic material, lots of new stuff, and also rapping over classic funk and hip hop breaks and instrumentals – the show is really high energy, good vibes, party stuff!

What do you know for the Bulgarian scene and audience and what are your expectations for the event?
It’s our first time playing in Bulgaria!! So we are really excited about it and I’m sure that it’s going to be wild!
Finish the sentence “For us, music is…” 
Thank you for your time! Please, wish our readers something. 

Wish you all positive vibes, love, health, and good things for 2017! Also, wishing that your hangover won’t be too bad after the party we’ll all have together in Bulgaria!


And don't forget to visit the event:


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