[Mix] LFM043 by Divion (BY)

Some fair time has passed since the last mix we added to the series. The latest upload in the section was made over a month ago and came from Bulgarian artist Evitceles who took us on a journey across the depths of experimental techno. And now, Low Frequencies Mix returns for its 43d edition, crafted by Belarusian producer Divion. The artist made a surprise birthday present for our boss Dobri, sending us a great mini mix of his favourite genre (dubstep, duuuh).

That is not the reason we invited Divion to participate in our mix column. The Belarusian already started gaining popularity on the Hard Dubstep scene with his initial alias. Now he finds it's the right time to start over and launch a brand new project, concentrating on the deeper side of the genre. With a couple of tracks that fit his new concept behind his back, Divion attracted the attention of our exclusive partners from Platform Music, as well as organizations such as EDM.com, KeepDeep, FatKidOnFire and even Uprise Audio. Despite the success of his first artistic alias, the Belarusian performer wishes to completely separate the two, leaving the gap between the two as bigger as possible. At this moment Divion finds himself in the very beginning of his musical journey, but follows the steps of an already established artist on the scene, knowing he has what to offer and how to enrich the sound of the genre.

According to recent information, Divion has two appointed tracks for the catalogue of Platform Music, namely The Shadows and Ancient Era. Waiting for the final touches to be made before the official launch of the forthcoming release, you can hear bits of the two tracks in the mix bellow. To compliment those, Divion also added several other tracks that are waiting to be released for different labels on the global scene. Although emphasizing on the deeper sound, the Belarusian also skillfully includes heavier tracks as well, a field which is well-known for him. Expect more powerful stuff from Divion in the very near future! This youngster definitely has something to show!

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