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Yalta Club are one of the promoters on the Bulgarian scene which have managed to achieve a certain reputation through years of hard work and excellent rapport with both the audience and their guest-DJs. This enables them to invite several of their favourite DJs, who've been both successful business partners and personal friends to them, as well as favourites of the Bulgarian crowd. One of those names is of Dutchman Fedde Le Grand, who will be the club's next guest on the 11th of February.

It's not so hard to imagine why Fedde is one of the frequent collaborators of Yalta Club. Every time the Dutch DJ comes to Bulgaria, he's welcomed by thousands at the venue, attracting huge crowds who sell out the event. And he attracts that attention not by being the best DJ ever, though there's an argument to be made there, but by his genuine love for the country and the audience here. It's not once or twice he's shared in interviews that he loves playing in Bulgaria, because he feels that only here can he really play the stuff he wants. While the global scene is dominated by fast-paced short sets, Fedde has found that in Bulgaria the audience he plays for is educated enough to understand his particular approach to his 5-6-hour long extended sets. He gets behind the decks and plays whatever he feels like - from progressive house through tech, garage, future, to electro and bigroom house. And while most DJs nowadays fill their sets with tracks that sound exactly the same, he understands both the need for energetic bangers, as well as melodic vocal-driven tracks. His sets have both highs and lows in terms of energy, which greatly contrasts the modern festival set, which never actually leaves the audience in the moment, to experience the emotion that the producer imbued his piece with. That is what makes his extended sets so great and that is why he's so loved by the Bulgarian house crowd.

The last time he came here was this summer for the Solar Summer series of parties that Yalta organizes on the coast of the Black Sea, at Cacao Beach, but his return to the actual Yalta Club has been a long time coming. He last played at the club at the heart of Sofia on 28.02.2014 - almost three years ago. He came with his frequent collaborator MC Gee and exploded in the winter night life of the capital. We can still remember the great gesture Fedde made for that event to be possible:

"One of the most famous DJs in the world is coming to Yalta Club for an exclusive club set on the 28th of February! FEDDE LE GRAND is coming back to Bulgaria, but this time not at the invitation of Yalta Club, but as a present to Yalta Club! The house DJ decided to cancel several gigs in order to participate in the festivities for Yalta's birthday, which he admits is one of his favourite clubs in the world!"

What more can we say about this incredible man?

Bulgarian support will be provided by the club's resident Runo. Tickets will be available only at the door at the price of 30 lv ≈ 15 euro. Facecontrol will be on and will not admit visibly intoxicated people. Meanwhile, you can still show your appreciation for the club by voting for it in this year's DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs poll here: http://bit.ly/Vote-Top100Clubs
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