[Release] The Spaniard Bukha with an EP for Moonshine

MS028 contains 3 tracks: The original mix feat. Junior Dread; a Dub version and a remix by TMSV

Moonshine Recordings continues to coordinate dub into all sorts of directions with its steady throughput of vinyl releases. This time around, it’s the Spanish-based Bukkha to uplift all followers with two up-tempo rollers that take part in his crucial ‘Ruling Sound’ EP. His name has been all over the news inside bass culture lately, as the American released highly noted physical music on critical labels like Killa Sound and Dub-Stuy Records. He’s been working his way to the top and the only thing the Moonshine Recordings imprint can do is support his efforts in pushing dub music to the masses at any given moment of the day.

A1. Ruling Sound
A2. Ruling Dub
B1. Ruling Sound (TMSV remix)

Format: 12" vinyl / Digital
Release-date: 9th of December 2016

Source: Moonshine Recordings

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