[Release] Optiv & CZA with another smashing collaboration

This time the two artists are striking for their own C4C Recordings

Optiv & CZA (aka Cause4Concern) are back for another huge single, long awaited following the success of their previous collaborative output. Optiv is an already revered veteran within his field, bringing with him years of experience both behind the decks and on production. Teaming up alongside the dark renegade CZA, they've once again delivered two nasty slabs of sonic that'll be sure to take you into the murkier months. 

Cell Dweller' is one of these tracks, winding up on slowly growing, lofty atmospherics and cinematic vocal sample. You're brought into a world which seems slightly disjointed, with bass creeping up on you unaware underneath. Shortly, you're transported into a world which only Optiv and CZA could create with their production skill sets. Quickly snapping beats suddenly explode, taking you deep into a slick of LFO and unforgiving breakdowns. Suddenly there's all-out war and it's time to grab your guns, with a grooving hook that explodes through the mix and grabs you synapses first. The guys don't hold back, fully embroiling you in their anarchistic production. 

Then comes ‘Pitch Funk'. Giving a more classic twist on the neurofunk genre, the duo brings out a beast which has been sleeping soundly. Nodding their head to the sound which made the subgenre so formidable when it first reared its angry head, Optiv & CZA perfectly create a terrific conundrum of rolling drums and distorted beats, stepping their way through on a quickly fluctuating bassline. Prepare to be further taken into the darkness, because that's the only way Optiv & CZA can summon you with such intimidating, weighty records. 

Release Date: December 30th
Beatport Exc: December 16th
Source: Cygnus Music PR
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