[Release] L 33 with 4-tracks EP for C4C

L 33, an artist who broke through a few years back and who's been standing on the forefront for quite some time now. This EP, titled ‘The Crypt', has been eagerly awaited and on first listen it's easy to see why, as well as why he's amassed such a fan base. Presenting some of the heaviest hitters in the game, L 33 smashes out fresh cut after cut, bringing a host of new records which will line sets globally following its release.

Hailing from Bulgaria, his intrinsic production skills have helped pedestal the country as a drum & bass microcosm. L 33's impressive back catalogue spans over a group of highly respected labels, including Ram's sister label Program, Eatbrain, Rise Audio, Blackout, Titan and many more. Receiving support from legends such as Andy C and DJ Hype, it wasn't long before he firmly solidified his place on the map. And with the darkly lit vibes prevalent throughout these next four tracks, he's about to push himself even higher on the heavyweight Cause4Concern imprint.

Title-track ‘The Crypt' is up first, featuring the vocal styles of Hijak MC, bringing the grimy undertones he's renowned for. Clinking beats and slowly gearing up snare begin to take you deeper and deeper into the mix, with clicking drum patterns gradually adding to its drop. It doesn't take you long before you're dropped into anarchy, with L 33 standing as the ringmaster. Then comes ‘Destabilise', a snapping, techier riddim which catapults you through amongst his tell-tale drums and punching stabs. It's drum & bass ingenuity at its finest.

Most Wanted' yet again launches out from all cylinders, with crushing LFO and a fluctuating bassline. A head-nodding accolade to underground the clubs he plays in all corners of the world, L 33 does damage with every crashing break. And lastly, L 33 takes on remix duties for Cause4Concern's ‘Jinx'. Whilst still following the original's path, it adds his signature overture, fleshed out with cranking kick drum. Quickly flittering beats fly at you from all directions, proving that L 33 is not only versatile, but also terrifying in his delivery. This EP is not for the faint hearted.

Release Date: January 20th
Beatport Exc: January 6th
Source: Cygnus Music PR
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