[Release] Kursiva debuts on Red Light Records

Kursiva, an artist who has exploded and ricocheted across the Spanish drum & bass realm. However, in recent months, Kursiva has also been a name that has been surfing the growing tide towards an even bigger goal. This year saw him launch his own label ‘South Yard' and also already rack up an impressive amount of vinyl releases too. Working alongside a stellar selection of artists, Kursiva has begun his ascent. And ‘Demon Inside' and ‘Interceptor' are two tracks from his next single, one which will be sure to catapult him even further onto the European circuit. With his instantly recognisable talent, the producer ensures you're taken prisoner from start to finish. Promising to set a standard for the rest of his career.

Alongside Transforma and Coppa, Kursiva helps to give you a welcome introduction into his sound. Never one for shying away from hard, driving riddims, both tracks channel an energy which is impossible to ignore. This is the kind of music which has made the genre so infamous in the last few years, exposing huge crowds across Europe.

Up first, MC royalty Coppa takes the stage alongside Kursiva. The beats are plucky, the atmospherics bring the underpinning of its party vibe and Coppa lends his intimidating lure. Between carefully twisting rhymes, the track throws itself forward on bouncing subs and crunchy drums. Clicking between metallic synth and grinding snare, ‘Demon Inside' twists out an exorcism, exposing the monster which lies in this track's composition. The hook never falters, leaving you entangled in the complexity of every relay. Kursiva and Coppa aren't a force to be reckoned with, effortlessly proven from its opening statement.

Interceptor' moulds the two stylistic features of Kursiva and Transforma's production. Coming closer and closer to an electronic crescendo, you're wound up bit by bit on plucky beats and snapping snare. Without realising, you're then pushed down a warbling cannon of firing sonics.

Fully immersed in their production might, you become suctioned by its dancefloor appeal, foot-tappingly infectious. With a groove that's just as addictive, the pair bring out the best in each other, providing the best in dancefloor destruction. It's familiar sample only adds to the mood. Preparing you once more for Kursiva's incoming power.

Release Date: January 6th
Beatport Exc: December 23rd
Source: Cygnus Music
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