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The Dreamers Recordings is a label based in Turin, Italy that is rapidly gaining the attention some big names in the drum and bass scene, from Noisia to Rockwell, Foreign Concept, Friction, Icicle, Dub Phizix, Alix Perez & Ivy Lab. The aim of the label is to support talented producers with a vision on the true sound of drum and bass and its related genres. The Dreamers has been nominated as best newcomer label at the Drum&Bass Arena Awards 2016.

The 8th release from The Dreamers celebrates one year of activity of the label with a sublime EP from HLZ, former  Need  for  Mirrors  member  and  experienced  producer,  with  releases  on  many  important  drum  and bass  labels.  The  EP  starts  with  the From  the  past  title  track,  a  breath  taking  liquid  roller  that  sets  the mood for the entire work and features dreamy vocals from Awakem. Track B. Dream source brings you to an oneiric dimension rolling over a solid beat while the track C. Nightcrawler is a lush combination of glitchy  beats,  deep  bass  and  classic  drum  and  bass  atmospheres.  Track  D. Sparkles  closes  the EP  with a fast footwork vibe.

Who is HLZ:
Emilio Dimitri aka HLZ is a drum and bass dj and producer originally from southern Italy. Currently based in London, the former Need for Mirrors member has an incredible amount of releases on great dnb labels. In 2014  he  decided  to  focus  on  solo  material  as  HLZ,  successfully  releasing  music  for  prestigious  labels  like Metalheadz,  Digital  Soundboy,  Symmetry  and  Integral.  His  versatile  production  skills  and  passion  for analogue  sound  makes  his  music  sound  fresh  and  distinctive.  No  two  tracks  ever  sound  the  same  but  his trademark  deep,  soulful  vibes  and  desire  to  always  keep  things  interesting make  the  HLZ  sound  both timeless and forward-thinking. He brings the same versatility to his DJ sets showcasing the full spectrum of drum and bass, offering a journey through this fantastic music.

Release Date: December 19th
Source: The Dreamers Recordings


The Dreamers Recordings 


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