[Release] The Express present their second release

With their debut release, 'Edition #1' still fresh in our ears, The Express return sporting a stellar offering of producers from across the scene.This time Dawn Raid, HLZ, Philth & Agman Gora and Symptom & Parallel Motion are etching their names into the halls. Their individual styles, once again cementing The Express' intention to highlight the versatility of the sound.

First up are Manchester based amen dons, Dawn Raid. The demand for their style is evident on labels from Randall's long standing Mac II, to new skool frontrunners Natty Dub and mighty Asbo Records.."Pitch Black" opens up dripping in nostalgia. Idyllic keys and golden vocal hook guide you in accompanied by harmonised strings. With no time to waste, the day dream is swiftly dealt with! A bristling array of breaks and big thick bass bombard the senses with nothing short of flashback perfection.

Next is original Hellraizer, HLZ. This infamous Italian producer provides an exceptional standard of music. His impressive back catalogue reaches from Hospital and V Records to Dispatch, Metalheadz & more. "From A Distance" Starts by bedding leathery drums over seeping atmospheres and cavernous vox. Gradually, like far off thunder, his trademark crunch draws in. A brief flutter before the drop, your knees buckle and the bass catches your fall for this deep rollout.

Philth. A man of many talents who's heavyweight tracks have been signed up by the likes of CIA, Dispatch & Playaz. For The Express he teams up with wild card, Agman Gora - an MC & vocalist known for executing sick lyrics on stage and in the studio. "Death From Below" ominously creeps in with threatening intent. Chills run down the spine from a low, pensive arpeggio. Anxiety builds as the vocal reveals your fate and in the blink of an eye, you're pulled down into crushing pressure and swarming frequencies. You're going to need a bigger boat!

Symptom's "full spectrum" production attitude means his tracks can be found on the likes of V Records, ProgRam, Close2Death & more. After their raucous remix of Agressor Bunx 'Aliens', Parallel Motion once again joins Symptom to round out Edition #2 with "Stood Up". The intro would wield an unassuming atmosphere if it wasn't for the militant, stomping drums! Just as time seems to slow down in the final seconds before collision, a rolling snare build coupled with whispering vox, leads this freight train bassline inevitably crashing in.

Release Date: January 2nd
Beatport Exc: December 19th
Source: Cygnus Music PR
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