[Release] Blu Mar Ten with a new album

'Empire State' LP is going to be released on December 16th

The British drum and bass duo Blu Mar Ten announced the release of their new album ''Empire State''. With the launch of the album, the project celebrates 25 years in the making. For these two decades and a half Chris Marigold and Michael Tognarelli turned into primary acts on the world electronic dance scene. With releases for most huge labels and sets at the biggest festivals behind their backs, BMT continue to stand behind and promote their trademark sound.

'Empire State' LP is expected to be out on the 16th of December. The album will be distributed by the duo's very-own BMT Music, both in digital and as a special-edition consisting of three plates of vinyl, free CD copy, stickers and a card. Both versions of the LP consist of 12 tracks, engulfing the old-school samples of some of BMT's past tracks, combined with the freshness of the way drum and bass sounds today. You can currently pre-order the "Empire State" LP from  http://www.blumarten.com/store/. Do not hesitate and give yourself a well-deserved Christmas present!

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