[Release] Agressor Bunx with a release for Trendkill

The ranks of Trendkill are made up of the best newcomers drum & bass has to offer from its darker corners. At its helm sits Prolix, an artist who has already made a name for himself throughout his career, whether that being on his own label, or some of the biggest imprints the genre has to offer. And once more, Prolix has used his years of experience to bring you a brand-new EP from trail blazers Agressor Bunx, a group so infamous they’ve toured extensively this year and unleashed a host of new records across the dance music world. The marrying of Agressor Bunx and Trendkill has been harmonious, a definite reason to create excitement for fans everywhere.

The Ukrainian duo have effortlessly improved their production standard with every release, solidifying their positions as heavyweights. This next single ‘Interchangeable’ and ‘The Spirit’ not only goes to show how far they’ve come, but also how much further they have to go with the talent that they’ve demonstrated throughout both tracks. Never compromising their impeccable engineering for hard-hitting noise, Agressor Bunx deliver another astounding record.

Release: December 16th
Source:Cygnus Music
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