[Release] The 23rd release from Platform Music is here

'Why so serious' EP is crafted by the British talent A:Grade

After the releasing of their first LP, produced by the French colossal project Kantyze, Platform Music are ready with their next EP. The Bulgaria-based label keeps its focus on the promissing upcoming artists, who  are growing fast amongst the bigger names in the roster. PTF023 comes from such as hopeful young producer. His name is A:Grade and he delievered four masssive sounding tracks to the Platform's catalogue. 'Why so serious' EP was released on December 19th and can be found in Juno and Beatport.

A:Grade is living and producing in Leeds, UK. He released previously for Uprise Audio, Silent Motion, Unfriend and several more labels. With his deep and dense sound, he is a perfect addition to the Platform's roster. His brand new 'Why so serious' EP contains four bass-heavy pieces. The tittle track of the release brings heavy tribal drums over a thick low frequent bassline. 'Genocide' is running slow, leaving enough space for the bass to difuse. 'Wreckler' is intensive combination of drum sessions and short atmospheric sounds. The EP ends with the VIP version of 'Interstellar', which is completing the deep sound of the whole release.

'Why so serious' EP was suported by Keep Deep and Åbysmal Ẹntities Årchivẹ, who helped Platform Music with the online pre-release promotion.

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