[Q&A] TK Wonder: You can never stop learning when it comes to your craft

Kiril Djaikovski is one of the most prolific electronic musicians from Balkan descent. On the 8th of December he's returning to Bulgaria to play a club gig and he's bringing one of the top MCs from Brooklyn, TK Wonder, alongside him. We caught up to her several days before the event, so that we can give you an exclusive interview with the wondrous American. Here are her thoughts on the event, indoor and outdoor festivals and whatever inspires her. You can expect her to be at her best at the event in club Mixtape 5. Happy reading!

1. Hey, TK! In December you’ll perform in Bulgaria again, alongside Kiril Djaikovski. What impressed you the most during your previous visits in the country? 

TK: I truly love traveling and being on tour with Kiril. I'm always impressed by the people and the warm heartedness and energy I feel during shows.

2. On December 8th it will be your first club gig in Sofia. What can the fans expect from your indoor performance? Will there be some major differences from your previous gigs in Bulgaria? 

TK: I give my all during a performance no matter the size of the venue. Some obvious differences will be new music.

3. How do you feel more comfortable - at indoor events or at bigger festivals? When are you feeling the crowd better? 

TK: As I mentioned before it doesn't matter the size of the audience or the venue when it pertains to performing. Giving my all to the audience is the most important factor, never the size of an audience.

4. Besides Djaikovski, you collaborate with many other artists and projects. It seems you can rhyme on any kind of music. Are there genres or bpms which you like better to sing over? 

TK: The great thing about electronic music is there are so many sub genres within the electronic genre. Songwriting is really enjoyable for me in this genre because it is so diverse. I generally love to rap fast and prefer higher bpms however if I like the music the bpm isn't a factor.

5. In your opinion, what is the purpose of having so many different styles, genres and sub-genres? Where does on genre end and another start? What separates them? 

TK: Music is diverse, how boring would the genre be if there weren't so many sub genres. Artists, composers and producers music creativity is so vast which explains why there are so many sub genres which is a beautiful thing.

6. Ok, first of all, you are a MC. What’s the main role of the MC on the stage? What is the key factor for better stage collaboration between the MC and the DJ? 

TK: I consider connecting with the audience and having a great work relationship when it comes to collaborating with another artist the most important factors however I always work with musicians and most of my performances are with Kiril who is such an incredible artist and composer. Kiril composes every note of the material you hear during the set that audiences that are not familiar with the music may be unaware of so that's an exciting element for me as an artist, in particularly, when I am songwriting to Kiril's music. 

7. You are such a productive artist. What inspires your work? What inspires you? 

TK: Traveling, reading, music, my twin sister and being around other creative people. 

8. I am sure there are plenty of newcomer MCs reading our website. What kind of advice can you give them? 

TK: You can never stop learning when it comes to your craft. There is no such thing as too much practice. Always believe in yourself because quite often success doesn't happen over night and you may doubt yourself when you feel like nothing is happening however you have to remain determined and stay focus. 

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