[Q&A] Maxim Anokhin, the man behind Limewax, Climaxim and Sbali Ugur

All night events became popular few years ago, on a global scale. The first loudly reported event that set up this trend was done by Andy C, and similar activities in Britain literally flooded the stage. In terms of Drum and Bass, in Bulgaria we’ve always been in tune with the global trends. In 2014 Ivan Shopov started his own All Night sequence, entitled One Man Party. Unlike his western colleagues, however, Ivan did not limit himself to one style only, but instead, started presenting his own 4 individual projects in a 7-hour marathon behind the decks. His ambient project (named after himself) flows into Techno with the Drum Kid project, then passing through the Ethno Dubstep sounds of Balkansky, and finishes with the heavy Drum and Bass of COOH. The sequence already passed through a number of editions, as in the latest one, besides Ivan, we also saw other artists on the stage, who supported the 4 parts of his One Man Party.

The next edition of the One Man Party series will be held in Sofia on the 16th of December. On the stage, we will see several Bulgarian artists, as the powerful ambient project Mytrip, the experimental Techno veteran Kliment and the ethno band Avigeya. For the first time on Ivan’s One Man Party we will also see a foreign guest. Maxim Anokhin is also quite a polyvalent artist. Even though people are mostly familiar with his project Limewax, the Ukrainian has a few other powerful individual projects, such as Climaxim and Sbali Ugur. Just before the party, at the end of the week, we made an interview with Maxim. The master of darkness answered us quite quickly and revealed some interesting facts around his projects.

You can find out what are the things that connect Limewax, Sbali Ugur and Climaxim, when you read the whole interview that we did with the Ukrainian dark artist. We’ve also covered other topics, related to the three projects of Maxim Anokhin, as we’ve paid special attention to his collaboration with the other participants in this One Man Party’s edition.

Enjoy reading!


Greetings, Maxim! Not long ago you released a LP on your experimental Techno project Climaxim. What influenced you most, working on the album?

Greetings, I’ve always been interested in other genres since making a living out of music. It was just a matter of time to gain enough confidence to release stuff that’s different from what people know me for. There is no direct influence for this LP.

You have another experimental project - Sbali Ugur. Tell us more about this project. When and why did you launched it? What is the main difference between Sbali Ugur and Climaxim?

With Climaxim I try to keep myself restricted to traditional scales, Sbali Ugur was set up as complete escape from all things traditional, having said that, in the last “Finanglings” LP the 2 names are at times joining efforts and seem to oppress that intention.

Besides the both mentioned projects, you are most known with your stage name Limewax. How difficult is it for you to switch between the three projects and how you are balancing between Ambient, Techno and Hard DnB? 

There is no connection between Limewax & (Climaxim/Sbali Ugur) although Climaxim & Sbali Ugur have evolved under an abstruse regime of synchronization, Techno is only done under Climaxim.

Do you have other individual projects, not mentioned in the talk so far?

I released some things under "9 Hoad" and there is also tons of music for piano which I guess at this time would fall under my birth name as I haven’t had intentions of releasing it yet.

In friday you’ll be a guest artist at the next edition of Ivan Shopov’s One Man Party. Your collaborations started long, long ago. How, when and why did you started working together?

Basicly we first met at a rave in Belgium but have been talking online for a while, then things really kicked off when we sat down in the studio together. Alliance at the first sight! Angel (Mytrip) I've met in 2014 when we first collaborated on at the time untitled "Controlled Perception" which just came out on Ivan's ABCD label.

We are close to the end of our talk. Would you like to add something?

I’m super stoked to be a part of the One Man night!

Thanks for your time! Wish something the readers.

You’re welcome, hope to see you all at this exceptional event.



One Man Party Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=551847221693103&ref=70
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