[Q&A] Control Change: There in no a single day without music in our life

Our partnership with Example Media recently gave us the chance to introduce to you very interesting album. Few months after the release of Club Mates, the Itallian duo Control Change put out Club Mates #2. We contacted the two artists, asking them of their current release as well as how the project has evolved. Without any further delay, we give you the talk itself. At the end of this post you will find links to Control Change profiles to follow. Inside the interview you will find a link to the album as well.

And it goes like this...


Hello, Control Change! When and how did you decide to start your project? Why did you decide on this name and what does it mean for you?

Hi Everybody and thank you so much for your interest in our music!
We’ve started producing together in 2014: Francesco (dj Promenade) is 10 years older than me (Trupak)  and he already has had some releases out on different labels but after producing for a while like “Trupak & Promenade” we decided to join our force in a unique project . There is not a beautiful story behind the name: we liked it and we chose it :)

You both have individual projects that were being developed before the creation of Control Change. Have you retained the individual approach when you create tracks or has the collaboration developed into a symbiotic relationship between the artists?

We spent almost 2 years working in the same studio, so we are able to share our ideas without fighting :) Now Francesco moved to Praha and we have all these files bouncing from my studio to his studio until we are satisfy. 

You have releases for the Italian label BNCexpress, which recently released their 100th release. What connects you to the label and how did you start working with it?

Francesco and his wife Ilaria are the owner of the label so it is “our home”: we are free to work without any restrictions. But we have some releases out also on different labels as well: G High (USA), Liquid Flavour (BR) and Singularity Audio.

Your album Club Mates #2 is coming out soon on BNCexpress. Tell us more about the release. 

Club Mates #2 contains 12 tunes: only one of them is produced together with Legal, a young producer based in Italy.
We are really happy about the final product: we tried to summarize what you like to listen and play.

How much time did the work on the album take? Were there any tough moments or did the artistic inspiration flow nicely?

We are extremely active. There in no a single day without music in our life and at the moment we didn’t experimented the “lack of inspiration”. Of course sometime you have to spend a lot of time on a particular element to make it sounds in the right way: it’s part of the game!

Where did you record the album. Do you have your own studio or do you record somewhere else?

We made it in our studio: Francesco is a mixing and mastering specialist so even the last part of the work is made by ourself.

From what I’ve heard from the first released sound clip on Soundcloud, it’s going to be more focused on the Liquid sound?

Yes it is, but there are three tunes “Jungle Techno”, “Purple” and “Walk Away” that are really far from a liquid funk standard. We don’t like to stereotype the music we like and make: a good drum’n’bass tune is a good drum’n’bass tune. Who really need to put it into a sub-genre box?

The cover of the album is pretty interesting and it’s connected to the album’s name. Tell us more about it.

The cover is made by Ilaria: she is really surprised about your question! She is not a graphic designer but she loves to manipulate images with photoshop. This cover is one of her crazy stuff. 

When can we expect the album and what can we expect from it?

The album was out on 5th December. You have to expect a dj friendly bunch of tunes: we love to play and we are not able to produce a tune without thinking about the final purpose: let people dance and let the dj mix :)

Do you have anything to add to the interview? Something that’s important to you and we have neglected?

We are deeply into dnb production but we love a wide range of music: from jazz to hip hop we take inspiration from all good music around us

Thank you for your time! Please, wish our readers something!

It’s never too late in life to start making music. You don’t need lot of money for the equipment and this is the most amazing gift of this era: you can start and finish your project “in the box”, using only one software. So don’t be shy and let’s try it!
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