[Mix] LFM042, mixed by evitceles

Techno entered our website a couple of months ago, yet it rapidly became a fundamental part of our content and activities. We could say that slowly we are shifting our attention towards this and other similar styles of music. A change like this of course, may turn out to be something different to what we want out of it and what our expectations are. Techno, however, is slowly approaching us, and our latest mix proves it. Style-wise, evitceles describes himself as a specialist in "Underwater Techno" as he calls it. He mostly presents his sets under the form of live act sessions, bringing a mixture of Ambient, Drone and Atmospheric elements to the audience.

We heard evitceles for the first time at Mixtape 5, where he was part of the launch party of Mytrip's new album. The night was filled with experimental sessions, showcasing diverse musical genres. As one of the artists on stage, evitceles definitely impressed us with his twisted understandings for techno rhythm. We invited him to do a set for us and he agreed, delivering an excellent one-hour set. For these 54 minutes the mood changes numerous times as do your perceptions of the surrounding, Evitceles' underground techno introduces to us previously unnoticed trends and directions and each minute brings something new and different to what we're used to hearing. Constantly shifting and evolving, just like flowing water, LFM042 gives us the experimental and rather unique side of techno music, something the broader audience definitely has to give a listen!  

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