[Mix] LFM041 is here, crafted by e:Lee (BG)

We are celebrating the 2nd year after we launched our Mix Series

Two years ago, on the 1st of December 2014, we launched our Mixcloud profile and uploaded our first Low Frequencies Mix. Yes, back in the days our website held a different name - Bass Blog /by DutZie/ - and the mix series was named differently as well. But the activity continues and 24 months after uploading of PK8000's set (numbered 000), we have 40 mixes more uploaded on our streaming page. In these 2 years we published everything we could publish. In our series you can find fresh Bulgarian newcomers; young, but well known artists; several international guest mixes and some big names from our scene here. Holding the name "Bass Blog Bulgaria", we tried to represent as much as we could all of our country's regions (along with their scenes and artists). Yes, the series is mostly DnB focused, but we managed to upload several Dub, Reggae, Hardcore and Dubstep mixes. For these 2 years we've done as much as we could to offer to our fans, readers and listeners a good sounding alternative in order to avoid any boring moments.

To celebrate this anniversary we are uploading our mix #42. LFM041 (reminding that our first mix is numbered 000, not 001) is crafted by e:Lee. She is one of the fresh newcomers on the Bulgarian DnB stage. Spinning the decks for several months now, Elena is always improving her skills in mixing the tracks and manipulating the players. She's left the console-based and software-based mixing back in her starting days and now she's focused on doing infallible sets, using CDJs or even turntables. Honing her skills in Tonstudio 2, she is growing better and better with every set. We've known her as a friend way before her desire to become a DJ was ever evident and tracked her development from a Hard Bass teenager to an upcoming artist with deep and mathematical selection. Yes, we are sure e:Lee will become a recognizable name on the stage and she has already had several big moments in her short career. Elena was part of the events, hosted by several of the biggest organizations in Bulgaria and even warmed up for Phase a few months ago. Here is her latest set, mixed exclusively for our platform.

Big thanks to e:Lee!

News in advance! #42 is confirmed and received. It will be published at least a week after this set. And it will be a TECHNO mix! Hell, yeah!
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