Rockwell at Osijek, invited by VuBass

During 2015 Rockwell was among the guest at the latter Shogun Audio Label Night held in Bulgaria and showcased his debut album 'Obsolete Medium'. A couple of months later, the British star will visit the Balkans once again for another club-venture. This time the event will be hosted in Osijek, Croatia where Rockwell will be headlining the party, brought to you by VuBass . The party will be held on the 10th of December at Club EPIC.

Currently, Rockwell continues his experimental odyssey into the world of bass music. His EP the 'Chorus of Disaproval' just dropped for Shogun Audio. In it you can even hear a bit of Liquid and Dubstep. Labeled by Mixmag as a 'Punky Junglist', the performer doesn't seem to stop breaking bass music's unwritten laws, delivering drum and bass' fresh new sound.

Besides Rockwell, on stage at Club EPIC you will hear our dear friend from Zagreb, Kodin. Another artist from the Croatian capital that will take part at the event is Brat Leeks. The local scene from Osjek will be represented by Oliver and Safety Breaks, and finally Kula fromVukovar. Tickets will be available only at the door. The price will be 40 kn (5 €) before midnight and 50 (6,5 €) -afterwords.

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