[Release] We are back to the DnB with our LFREE003 release

Some months back we launched our LFREE ( Low Frequencies Free ) series, through which we put out our free releases via our Bandcamp page. The set kicked-off with 'Landscapes / Pepper', delivered by Basscatz, which also happened to be Basscatz final release as a project. After LFREE001, which was pure dubstep at its finest, Arks' turn came up, who surprised us with two techno tracks, forming LFREE002. Since a lot of people think of us as a drum and bass platform, plus the fact that most of our Bulgarian readers are not quite up to date with the term that "bass music" is, we considered it would be right for our third release to be of 170+ bpm character. That was when Bulgarian producer Smartech came to the rescue, delivering two tracks that sound completely different from one another.  

Step Off & If You Love Me have a completely different emotional charge. The first of which, is more adherant to the Neurofunk range of DnB and is characterized with harder, fatter sound. Frankly, the Neurofunk sound is not so distant to Smartech, who, with his releases for Warfare Recordings and other respected labels in the branch, has already shown us that is fond of what makes up a good Neuro track. Let's also not forget that Smartech has since long been a member of the Drumrollerz duo, who specify in this direction. If You Love Me shows us the softer, more melodical side of Smartech's works, exhibited on imprints like Target Dog Recordings and Funkstuff. We'd say that the second track also describes the artists involvement in another organization- Future Sounds of Sofia, who strive to present the mellower, more melodic styles of drum and bass to the Bulgarian audience.

STEP OFF represents Smartech's meaner side, who has a decent number of Neurofunk releases behind his back. The track consists of a powerfull bassline, accompanied by fast-paced drum loops and digital atmospheres. You could say that this is the banger track from LFREE003, that delivers more aggressiveness to the two-part EP.

IF YOU LOVE ME is the softer track on the EP. Polished to perfection and filled with modern sound, the track is worthy of any selection. Its "roller" character is heavy bass, rhytmical drums, highly atmospheres and a vocal sample, heard throughout the whole piece.

LFREE003 can be found and downloaded for free on our Bandcamp profile. Following the tradition, we have left you to choose whether you want to buy the track and donate to our website. All funds raised from the distribution of the tracks will be invested in the development of our platform so all acts of generosity are welcome.

LFREE003: Step Off / If You Love Me
Artist & Mastering: Smartech
Label: Low Frequencies
Release Date: December 5th

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