[Release] Titan Records with new signing

Titan Record announce the new signing of Maniatics

Hailing from Seville, Spain this trio’s music was some of the stand out production we heard at one of our demo listening sessions this year.

Rock the Place starts with subtle undertones of something sinister lurking. The fact that the vocal in the intro states “awesome power of nuclear energy” should give you an idea of where this track is heading. Before you realise, what can only be described as a bone crunching, Reese slams the drop into action. The catchy leads that follow are an example that techy, neuro drum and bass still has its ability to be melodic yet head splittingly powerful. 

Titan likes to keep dj’s happy so when we herd the bass ammunition from The Beast we knew it had to be on this release. With a mixture of intense bass stabs and eyrie guitars there is a reason this track has been given its title. Take our word for it, when you drop this expect carnage. Titans got your back. 

This is only a taste of what Maniatics have to come on Titan.

Release Date: December 9th
Beatport Exc: 25th Nov
Source: Cygnus PR
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