[Release] RedPill returns to Mindtech Recordings!

French producer RedPill returns to Mindtech Recordings with the Bacteria EP! 

Featuring four brand new tracks showcasing his diverse, hard hitting style, fans of the neurofunk sound will definitely not be disappointed. 

Lead track 'Froggery' proves quite the statement of intent, kicking the EP off with a massive assault of heavy beats and squelching bass hits. Between the gut-punching snare hits, the relentless bass impact and the tense lead melody this one will induce some serious screwfaces in the dance. 'Voice In My Head' comes next, building tension with spooky chimes and an ethereal female vocal before another savage bass drop smacks down. Lazer snares and a precision array of bass stabs drive the track along at a breakneck pace for another high energy, dancefloor focused slice of future D&B. 

'Metallize' draws on the rock influences often showcased on Redpill's collaborative Bl4ck Owlz project, replacing the more synthetic textures with a Slayer-esque slice of guitar-based distortion set to another high tension beat. Treading the line between rock and electronic music is a tough task, but RedPill pulls it off with aplomb. Last up comes possibly the EP's hardest hitting track; 'Bacteria'. Between the pitched up vocal samples and the throbbing bassline frenzy this one will absolutely destroy the raves; huge!

Source: Triple Vision Distribution
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