[Release] Optiv presents the newest release by Monty (Red Light Records)

The ‘Far Side' single is exactly what you'd expect from an artist like Monty. He's taken a music genre, already known for its ferociousness, and produced something even more terrifying, moulding it around his musical personality. Drum & bass has been an inherent part of Monty's life and this can clearly be seen through the production skills demonstrated with this release. He brings his 174 beats per minute sound with gritted teeth, smashing down the mix with every pattern and leaving you no time to collect your aural synapses, after having them assaulted continuously by his hard-driving riddims.

Released on Red Light Records, who often hosts music as intimidating as Monty's next output, ‘Far Side' summons the type of darkness you'd want from a label who's A&R head is the revered artist Optiv. Collecting some of the hardest 174bpm riddims the underground has to offer, Red Light Records presented the perfect opportunity for Monty to have his music ingested by a wide ranging audience. And one with an appetite for full frontal drum & bass.

Far Side' begins with rolling Gameboy-like sample, with distorted bass notes drawing out and creating creeping atmospherics. Clinking hi-hats weave between carefully layered drums, with a bassline beginning to draw itself in underneath, ready to pounce. Vocals filter through the mix and crunching LFO bolsters its composition, adding weight after weight with each segment. Monty proves that he's a force to be reckoned with, especially once ‘Far side' drops into all-out chaos. Continuously pounding from start to finish, it's your reawakening to a world Monty holds tightly in his grasp.

And on the flipside, ‘Alarm it' rolls out next. A cranking, driving track with evil undertones and clicking percussion, it flips from break to break on an intimidating force. This track centres primarily on its grating bass, which snaps at you with every drum pattern relay and beat arpeggio. A dancefloor tune that slips out of its paradigm, Monty produces a track that would light any 4am crowd but also create destruction through a music fan's headphones. These two tracks show that the underground is still thriving. And Monty is standing at its helm.

Release Date: Decemer 9th
Source: Cygnus Music PR

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