[Release] Neve with a release for his own imprint The Dreamers

Presenting the latest installment on a label that's been making huge waves across the music scene since it's inception. 

The labels 7th release features Neve, a founding member of The Dreamers crew and the man in charge of the labels A & R and release schedule. Years of experience as a dj made Neve’s sound a patchwork of styles and genres, both old school and new school blend in, while rolling, footwork, jungle, hip-hop and neurofunk mix mercilessly. This variety of sound is reflected in his production: to make only one ‘type’ of drum and bass is like a musical limit for his open mind. Neve is also a specialist in variations along the tracks, and you'll hear how the tracks evolve with a clever use of organic beats and synthetic sounds.

Following on from his latest release on Med School entitled “Magic Flute" he delivers two new pieces of music WAKE UP and I LOVE YOU exclusively for The Dreamers.

Release Date: November 21st
Source: Cygnus Music PR
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