[Release] Kodin with a killer single for Bad Taste

After several quiet weeks, Bad Taste Recordings is back in full strenght

Croatian producer Kodin steps into the fray with his powerful Single on Bad Taste Recordings. Following up his acclaimed ‘Feed for Speed’ collaboration with pioneering artist Billain, the Balkan producer comes back with 2 hard-hitting, kinetic tracks for one of neuro’s leading labels – delivering a powerful entry to the drum & bass sphere. 

GET YOURZ brings a touch of brightness, with glitched vocal elements percussively interacting with a skeletal framework. EXOBIOTA sees Kodin pairing up again with Bad Taste staple Billain, opening with sinister symphonic choral elements broken by cyberpunk-infused acid lines and a devastating drop designed to push sound systems to the limit. 

With this single, Bad Taste Recordings introduces one of the Balkan’s rising stars, with KODIN unveiling his edgy, dystopian sound across 2 considered slices of filthy audio. Designed to drop jaws and elicit silent horrified exclamations of awe...

Release Date: December 2nd
Source: Bad Taste Recordings

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