[Release] Ignescent Recordings pres. First Encounter EP by ChaseR

Ignescent Recordings have plucked out yet more talent from the wealth available across cyberspace. But on first listen to ChaseR's forthcoming EP, you'll know why they specifically pedestalled the producer over his baying competition. Founded in 2015, Ignescent Recordings has ensured they stay ahead of the times, a relatively new label who've carried forward their ethos of allowing burgeoning producers to speak for themselves, through their music. It's this platform which has enabled ChaseR to flourish, producing four tracks of impeccable quality, an EP that'll resound in your ears after you've fully enveloped yourself in its musicality.

Alongside labels mates NickBee and Agressor Bunx, ChaseR has being creating his own buzz, one which has followed him into this next release. A fact that's instantly recognisable during ‘First Encounter', gearing up on a quick succession of beat arpeggios and synth. Distortion begins to build its foundations, adding more weight between each layer. Then comes the crunching snare and fluctuating bass notes, pulling you into a mix which ebbs and flows before catapulting you through a tunnel of carefully structured sonic.

Vobla Punch' draws from a different vibe, with drums that knock you off centre, manipulated in a way that tap at your subs incessantly. What then develops is a kicking monstrosity, which zips between breaks and bizarrely placed mechanics. It's meant to make you feel helpless in its grasp, before a slightly lighter melody interjects its way throw midway. Although vastly juxtaposing the track's original intentions, it only adds to its disjointed, yet ingenious effect.

Coming up third, ‘Cold Embrace' plays out as you would expect. With a hook that keeps you snared and eerie atmospherics playing through, bit by bit it adds another sound wave before you're dropped into a freezing composition of stabbing pads and winding beats. 'Cold Embrace' demonstrates ChaseR's ability to create musical feeling from his production. And lastly, comes ‘Subsidence'. Ending the four tracks with impeccable form, it draws together every aspect of his skillset and merges them for a climatic finish. Tinkling piano and high-powered spikes take you down a drop of intimidating force, proving that ChaseR is overwhelmingly talented. And on this track alone that's apparent, so prepare to immerse yourself in his world on first entry.

Release Date: November 25th
Beatport Exc: November 11th
Source: Cygnus Music PR 
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