[Release] German veteran The Next strikes for Lost Paradise

German bass music scene veteran The Next hails from Hamburg and delivers 6 delicious slabs of freshness on his debut effort for Paradise Lost – the “Deep Blue EP”.

Musical contributions on this release range widely not only in tempo, but also in style, from the blissed-out, steppy beats and transient chord progressions of the 160bpm title track “Deep Blue” to the darkly minimal, tripped-out and constantly evolving jeep beats of 170bpm halftime roaster “Walk In The Deep”. The Next comes correct with the massive “Youngblood”, a masterclass in 140bpm deepness built around a pulsing bassline and harkening back to the more techno-influenced Dubstep of yesteryear.

Paradise Lost family and general badman ILL_K steps in to re-rub “Youngblood” on a minimal Dub tip, deconstructing, then adding in about twice as much warehouse bass as we thought possible – late night business! Finally, ”Black Purple” sees The Next visit upon us a bit of juky footwork influence: slabs of bass flex in and out of crisp halftime beats, accentuated by quick and poignant drum fills, but the primary focus – as per usual – remains on vibes and atmosphere. Current label favourite Rakoon finishes things off in style, remixing “Black Purple” into a wonky 172bpm stagger-step workout, deftly showing off his considerable chops on the buttons. All bases are covered on this one – The Next promises and delivers with extreme prejudice the inimitable sounds of the “Deep Blue EP”.

Source: Triple Vision Distribution
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