[Release] Funkstuff Recordings presents Shelter EP by Funkware

Funkstuff Recordings proudly presents a brand new and quite heavy four-track EP by the label's very own Mr. Funkware, which makes a serious plot twist in his recent discography. Some time during the bold juggling between mainstream and underground the prolific artist resurrects a Funk-style that has not been heard for ages or possibly ever. FSR045 is dominantly experimental, composed of old school breaks, blended with jazzy vocals and horns, or crazy percussions and emotional outcries, while the title track is monopolized by drifting up and down synths plus raw basslines. Take a musical shelter in these gloomy fall days and contemplate because Funkware is planning to explore the realm of unconventional sounds further and further.

Source: Funkstuff Recordings
Release Date: November 28th
Juno Exc: November 14th

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