[Release] DLR leads us to the Dreamland.

The long alaited LP is about to be released really soon

2016 is a noisy year for the entire bass music culture. Several big things happened this year. Many emblematic festivals reached a record number of visitors. Several clubs were closed, some of them forever. In 2016 we saw many big comebacks and even more retirements. Many fresh faces appeared in the game and many bass music artists received well deserved awards. 2016 was, and still is running as, an astonishing year for the global club life. And the rhythm on the drum and bass music dance-floors pulsates with the same fast frequencies as the entire nightlife lifestyle. Yes, 2016 is definitely big for dnb. And many more great things happened or will happen this year. Speaking of releases, 2016 gave us many of those. And big percentage of these releases were absolute masterpieces. Many albums were presented this year and several of them deserve to be named as The Album of the Year. Which is better, we can not say. And to choose the best is near impossible. But with this article we will try to represent on of the candidates for the title Best DnB album of 2016.

Dispatch Recordings has been on fire during the whole 2016. The label turned 15 and released its 100th installment. The artists in the label made huge appearances on the biggest festivals worldwide and the label finds itself on of its very pikes of existence. Despite the 2016 is about to end, Dispatch Recordings have several things to show until the beginning of 2017. Along these things is the second album, created by the Bristol-based mastermind James DLR Rowsbotham. The 'Dreamland' LP is going to be released November 21st on the Dispatch store and November 25th worldwide.

The LP was represented by a 2-tracks sampler, released November 11th. Pyoyb and the collaboration with Script Wheel of Fortune represented the main sound of the album, revealing the minimalistic and low-frequency moments in DLR's works. Both tracks dropped several weeks before the full album and attracted the attention of the bass-heads worldwide on the forthcoming piece of work. 

Buy Links:
Dispatch store - bit.ly/2fL4Xux
Bandcamp - bit.ly/2dOOgjG
Beatport (digital) - btprt.dj/2eoqs6l
iTunes (digital) - smarturl.it/DISDLRLP002S 
Redeye Records (vinyl) - bit.ly/2eh1llR

The 'Dreamland' LP is now available on the Dispatch store and is going to be released worldwide really soon. The album contains 14 tracks and the guest artists in it are Break, Mako, Hydro, Signal and Gusto. The second DLR's full lenght studio work continues the saga of his artistic profile where his debut LP 'Seeing Sounds' stopped in 2015.
‘Dreamland’ is an album concept that reflects on the world today. Encouraging people to challenge the barriers and comfort zones we blissfully exist within, DLR seeks to resist the inadequate reality we are sleepwalking into; an inherently greed based system, where numbers govern art and culture, whilst popularity determines the success of social causes, as issues are picked up and dropped in the blink of an eye.

Musically, the album is honest, straight up and sound design focused, as DLR pays homage to the older styles of DnB, building on the genre’s core principles, writing his own chapter in Bristol’s long running heritage. A statement of intent towards soul and groove driven music, each track is personified by simple ideas meticulously arranged, as DLR prioritises the raw elements to enhance the groove and sub bass, allowing each aspect enough space to breathe and develop.

Buy Links: 

Dispatch store (Vinyl, Dropcard & Digital album) - bit.ly/dlr-dreamland
Dispatch store (Album web page incl sampler and full release) - bit.ly/2eCMYYa
Dispatch store (Album & Dispatch Recordings Fridge magnet bundle) - bit.ly/2eQz04P
Bandcamp LTD edition Dropcards - bit.ly/2eD4REy
Bandcamp Full album (Vinyl, Digital, Dropcard & added Fridge Magnets) - bit.ly/2e0qLzU
Redeye Records (Vinyl) - bit.ly/2ercsb9

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