[Release] Climaxin with a new Album

When almost 3 years ago Maxim Anokhin (Limewax) compiled his debut Climaxim LP it was not just another side of his work, but a two-faced new side. The record was structured around the aural clash between the more beat-based and glitch driven sound of Maxim as Climaxim and his deep dive in the atmospheric realms of Sbali Ugur.

In Finanglings this duality has been brought to a new level. No longer are the faces isolated from each other, but existing in a quite violent symbiosis instead. Throughout the whole LP you can trace a constant struggle of two polar creative personalities to co-exist within the thin timeframe of track. And they manage to. The result is an eclectic, genre-fucking mixture of electronic music. But this time the twisted beats, eccentric sound design and electro vibes of Climaxim don't seclude, but embrace the sparse melodies and ambient shapelessness of Sbali Ugur. Finanglings is a sonic skin mask of familiar faces, but sliced, split, chopped and chewed… multiple times. And as if being creatively bi-polar wasn't enough, in his new LP Maxim found the place for two collab pieces with producers 4DRI4N and Ghost303.

Released: October 31st
Source: Maxime Anokhin

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