[Release] 2Whales returns to Warfare Recordings for their 10th release

Russian death squad 2Whales return to Warfare for the label's 10th installment

Warfare Recordings announced their tenth release, named Hell Stranger EP. The Russian duo 2Whales, who made their debut in February with the New Generation EP, are behind it. It contained the tracks Crosshit and Amatory, which gathered strong international support from the global Neurofunk society. With their second release for Warfare Recordings, 2Whales are demonstrating solid growth as artists. The release contains two tracks, which showcase the dark and demonic side of the Russian duo's work.

The titular track HELL STRANGER starts with an interesting vocal sample and develops into a powerful Neurofunk track. With high-speed drum sounds, engulfing atmosphere and heavy bassline, as well as frequent background rhythm changes, the tracks showcases good dynamic and mighty aggression.

CURSED continues the dark dynamic of HELL STRANGER and expands the demonic sound of the release. The strong bassline pops up above the rest of the elements in the track, which are not as prominent as in the titular track of the EP. This lets the lower frequencies of the track to be distinguished, showcasing the depth of the track. The main rhythm is reinforced by a lot of digital ornaments and even a vocal sample at times.

The whole release is expected to be out on the 5th of December. Expect a showcase of the two tracks on our Low Frequencies Radioshow, every Saturday between 19:30 and 21:00 CET on www.reakcia.net.

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