[Q&A] Telekinesis: Start of with some drums, make a banger!

We recently published an interview with Agressor Bunx, which is part of our series of short conversations with Blackout Music artists.We talked with the Ukrainian duo about their release for the Dutch label, which came out recently. Several days later we're publishing an interview with Telekinesis. The main reason for this discussion is their forthcoming release for Blackout Music "New World Order" EP. As with all similiar situations, we're staying focused on several specific topics and we're asking only short questions. In our ten questions for the Blakan duo we touched upon the topics of their new release, the start of their project, as well as some of the more interesting things about the duo. Naturally, we did not overlook their forthcoming visit in Novi Sad, where they're invited by Drop Sensei and are going to be the main headliners of the New Year's party of the organization.

Markoman was the one that asnwered our questions. This interview, as well as the interview with Agressor Bunx, are realized with the enormous assistance from our partners over at Infectious PR, for which we're grateful.


Hello, Marko & Luka! Although you entered the Drum and Bass scene just several years ago, you quickly released great records for some of the biggest Neurofunk labels. What's the secret to your rapid success?

Hey, its hard to say... we have just been making music, the rest happens by it self... Maybe diversity.

You had individual projects before Telekinesis. At what stage of your lives did you create the duo?

I guess if we would have met sooner, Telekinesis would happen sooner. Dunno, I have just moved to Ljubljana and been looking for someone I could at least talk to about music production. My previous partner Tsunami was too far away.
And I have heard of  Smooth is an  emerging young Slovenian producer. So I went and said Hi.....And it didnt take long for Telekinesis to be born.

Do you produce other music outside of the Neurofunk drum and bass?


Your "New World Order EP" was released not long ago, for the legendary Blackout Music. When and how did you become a part of the powerful Dutch label?

I have been in touch with them even before Telekinesis existed, just my stuff was not good enough back then....First time that we released for them was in 2012 the tune called Machines, on their label Obsessions.
>>> More Info about the release<<<

Tell us a little bit more about the release. How many tracks does it contain? Are there any collaborations with guest-artists? What is the fundamental concept of "New World Order EP"?

It's a 4 track artists only EP. The base concept is always, start of with some drums, make a banger... then sometimes the computer and your mind obeys you and sometimes it doesnt. I think this time they were both quite good to us.

Could we say that Telekinesis is a project that puts Markoman's and Smooth's style next to each other, or you try to give listeners a completely new concept through your joint performances?

Yeah, I think when we are together, something new is happening, thats why we also gave it a name (Telekinesis) we could have just been Markoman & Smooth.

You're going to be in Novi Sad for the Drop Sensei's SureNYEi. What are your expectations for the event?

Ah yes, very excited about it.. Hope we will have a nice celbration, and bring a good show for the people!

What's next for you until the end of the year? Tell us more about your upcoming events. Should we expect more releases?

We got some shows, interviews, podcasts comming up, then its more studio and also a collab  might happen in december!

Thank you for your time! Please, wish our readers something.

Thanx for droping in and big ups for all your love we have been getting! thank you!

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