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Our friendship with our compatriots fro Future Sounds of Sofia dates to before the foundation of our website. More than two years ago Low Frequencies was started off with an article about FSS. From then on our website and the organisation have gone hand in hand and have helped each other in our mutual goal - promoting (Drum and) Bass music. Our partnership has prompted us to publish lots of  positive articles about their events and we regularly get the chance to talk to their guest artists. FSS' program for season 16/17 starts this Friday and the night's special guest is the Dutchman Signal. As per usual, we got the chance to take a short interview with the headliner, which you can read below.

A couple of words about Signal: only 17 years old, Jonathan already has releases for Critical Music, Invisible, Renegade Hardware and many more. Other than his success as a producer, he's also the founder of his own label Fumei and one of the most promising young stars on the global 170+ bpm scene. In the autumn of 2016 Signal is in the middle of his first European tour. Thanks to FSS, the young artist is going to visit Sofia on the 4th of November. He's going to be a perfect addition to the multitude of Deep & Minimal DnB artists which the organisation has invited to our capital during its short existence. The event is going to be held in the smaller room of club MIXTAPE 5, which is one of the best halls for Bass Music in Bulgaria, in our opinion. The acoustics, the sound engineering and the lighting are always good.



Hello, Jonathan! You're still a teenager, but you've already got releases for Critical, Invisible, Renegade Hardware. Have you always dreamt of such a start of your career?

I guess so! It all went so quick and it definitely hit me when I signed my EP to Critical and "Tripwire" to Invisible. It's that moment where you think: "This may actually become my job in the near future", and it's indeed my job now.

Besides a successful artist, you're also a label manager. Tell us a bit more about Fumei. When and why did you start it and what are the label's next releases?

It started as a small thing between friends but recently discontinued because of us trying to do our own thing a bit more.

What did you sacrifice on a personal level to become a successful producer? And what are the pros of regularly making music?

I guess I rarely have time to go out, it's definitely my social life I've had to sacrifice. Same goes for school. The only advantage is that you'll improve much quicker.

What is more important for you as an artist? To create the perfect track or to build the perfect set behind the decks?

Production, for me, is way more important than anything else.

You're touring Europe at the moment and your schedule is full. Tell us an interesting story from the tour.

I recently went b2b with The Upbeats at In:Motion Critical, that was definitely my favourite gig and best set so far.

You're coming to Bulgaria on the 4th of November, invited by Future Sounds of Sofia. Please wish your Bulgarian fans something.

I'm really looking forward to it! There seem to be quite a few enthusiastic people on the event page so I hope I'll be able to meet and exceed everyone's expectations!

Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/187581648329392/

Future Sounds of Sofia


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