[Q&A] Agressor Bunx: We always try to surprise the listeners

A little bit late, but it's finally publishing time. Our interview with the Ukrainian project Agressor Bunx is here. In it, we're talking about their brand new EP for Blackout Music and about the start and the development of their project. Two of the questions are focused on the already passed Shuriken Mask Bal, organized by Drop Sensei in Novi Sad last week, in which we asked the artists about their expectations for the event. Although the party has passed, we decided to include that bit as a "back to the past" moment. You can read the whole interview in the following lines and the information about the EP down below.


Hello, Agressors! Although you entered the Drum and Bass scene just several years ago, you quickly released great records for some of the biggest Neurofunk labels. What's the secret to your rapid success?

We always try to surprise our listeners. Of course it's always hard to do something new and different! We always set a goal and go for it. We sometimes find it difficult to both agree on certain things or directions, but we always sort out a solution together! - Alex & Nick

Outside the pseudonym you're real life brothers. Did you start producing together or was one of you more of the catalyst of the idea? What drove you to start producing Neurofunk?

Yes, we are brothers, there project Agressor Bunx started together! Definitely there are days when one person is more in the zone so can contribute more to the track, but we always finish a track together! :) We love neuro, and have always written it! We just love the vibe of it, and how much variation there is through the scene.

Did you have individual projects before Agressor Bunx? At what stage of your lives did you create the duo?

No, we've always been a duo. We started making music in 2009, back then it was just for fun! And now this is the meaning of our lives!!!

Do you produce other music outside of the Neurofunk drum and bass?

No, we give all our energy Projects AB !!! We are trying to stand out from the whole mass of drum & bass musicians!!! Set as something new and interesting!

Your "Critical Moment EP" was released not long ago, for the legendary Blackout Music. When and how did you become a part of the powerful Dutch label?

We've always liked music from Black Sun Empire and we keep track of all that is happening from them! We knew that when they started Blackout that we HAD to get on it sooner or later, so we set the goal and went after it :)

Tell us a little bit more about the release. How many tracks does it contain? Are there any collaborations with guest-artists? What is the fundamental concept of "Critical Moment EP"?

Yes, we released a solo EP without any collaborations. Ep have 5 tracks of fighting, different ideological! The title track Critical Moment bears little sense!!! About being human! Pollution of the planet, etc.

At the end of the month (October) you're going to be in Novi Sad for the Mask Bal, organized by local Bass promoters Drop Sensei. What are your expectations for the event?

We are always happy to attend all events, it is difficult to expect that either !!!
Just spend an evening with a positive mood, meet new people, play new secret tracks  :)
In general should be fun!!! :)

Have you thought of going masked in Serbia or would you prefer your normal attire above the spirit of Halloween?

Ahaha! No, we will not probably masked :)
but we will be glad to see the different versions of other people!

What's next for you until the end of the year? Tell us more about your upcoming events. Should we expect more releases?

At the end of the year we have planned a tour in different countries! Among which:
10th November  - Ramnight in Poland
18th November - Eatbrain Night in Netherlands
25th November - Imagination Festival in Czech
16th December - Eatbrain Night in Budapest
31th December - New Year Night in Belgium
Critical Moment Ep was last release at this year, so next releases will be at 2017!!!
Many new music will be represent at 2017!!!
So much waiting for... :)

Thank you for your time! Please, wish our readers something.

Thank you too! :)
Thanks all peaple who read "name of" and listen us, thanks for your supporting.
Hope see you soon on our Events!!!


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