LFM (Low Frequencies Mix) #40 is crafted by Smartech

This October we celebrated our second birthday. We decided that this date will be key for our ongoing progress, a date marking the very beginning of our existence. After having the status of a blog for two years, we concluded it is the time for us to become a notable website for on the world bass scene. This lead to a couple of adjustments- the first of which was changing our name to Low Frequencies. Thus our mix series now also go under a new name - Low Frequencies Mix (LFM). Speaking of which, the latest LFM is numbered 40 on our Mixcloud account and is crafted by our fellow compatriot Smartech.

Smartech entered the world of drum and bass near the end of the 90s. During year 2006, he launches the duo Drumrollerz alongside Presize. The organization quickly turns into one of the most actively engaged organization at the time, leaving its mark on DnB culture in Bulgaria. After numerous successful parties and events, Drumrollerz invited the all-mighty Noisia for the first time in Bulgaria. The set of events continues with The Sect, EBK, Masheen, Syze. Currently Drumrollerz continue to exist, although only as a podcast series, while Smartech's focus has shifted towards another organizationFuture Sounds of Sofia. Through the FSS imprint, he and his old friend Presize join forces with Robustus and Phirah in order to promote the deep, stripped-down drum & bass sound in Bulgaria. Among the guests FSS invited over the years we see  Ant TC1, LSB, Cern, Zero T, Ivy Lab, Phase, Signal, Zombie Cats (alongside Underground Warfare), Bredren and many more. FSS's next event will be held on the 2nd of December in Sofia, with special guest- Anile.

As a producer Smartech has released for the likes of Traget Dog Recordings, Funkstuff Recordings, Warfare Recordings and more. Among his next releases will be his upcoming EP  'Step Off / If You Love Me', due to drop on our very own Free label Low Frequencies in the next couple of weeks. In order to showcase the forthcoming release properly, Smartech recorded a short mix for our website, including both tracks from the upcoming single LFREE003. Low Frequencies Mix #40 can be found on our Mixcloud profile,where all other mixes from the series are uploaded. Also found on our Mixcloud page, are some of our past activities (like the BoV Station Mix Contest), as well as our ongoing radio show Low Frequencies Radioshow on Radio Reakcia. 

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