[Release] SCI022: ActRaiser - Campfire Philosophy LP

Rob Sayles, better known as ActRaiser, has proven over the years to be a versatile producer with a penchant for the deeper, more emotive side of drum & bass. With releases on Fokuz, Med School, Scientific, Celsius, Offworld Recordings and Soul Deep to his name, his output can be described as a vivid expression of the more contemporary face of atmospheric and liquid d’n’b. He has actually made ventures into dubstep, techno, downtempo and other types of electronic music before, and “Campfire Philosophy”, constituting his 3rd LP to date, seems to consolidate his mark as a skilled explorer of other BPM ranges. Created while he was living in the depths of the British countryside, the main theme of the LP is, simply speaking, electronic bliss. Indeed, it’s all about good times and laid-back moments, chilling to the sound of soft beats, warm basslines, cosy pads, and pleasing melodies spanning across a whole range of genres.

With 13 tracks in total, ActRaiser has managed to cover a broad spectrum of styles and deliver a wonderful, varied compilation of works that form a coherent whole. Nod your head to the vocal chillstep “Summer Nights”, lush 'Trap' influenced “Dawn Chorus” and the deep-house-inspired “Fireflies”. Watch the sun set with “Downpour” and “Coastal Retreat”, lighten your mood with the spirit-lifting liquid dnb “Starsigns”, and relax in glorious surroundings to the sound of “Under the Pier”. Think; Bonobo, Synkro, Emancipator, Lapalux, and a bit of Tycho served on one platter and you’ll get the idea. Ultra-bliss combined with a light touch of ‘stronger punch’ here and there.

The album is a digital-only release, so you can enjoy it wherever you find yourself – whether enjoying nature and the outdoors - including at a campfire, of course, travelling between islands in a tropical paradise, or simply relaxing in the comfort of your own home. “Campfire Philosophy” is a perfect goodbye to the slowly fading summer and an ideal welcome for autumn. Scientific Records has delivered pure quality once again, as we are used to from Mav’s record label from The Netherlands.

Source: Triple Vision Distribution


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