[Release] Rockwell shows his Disaproval with an EP for Shogun

There’s no doubt that Tom Rockwell’s debut album ‘Obsolete Medium’ last year was a huge breath of fresh air for electronic music. Making its way into Billboard’s top 10 LP’s of 2015 and receiving enormous support from the likes of Zane Lowe, Friction, Mistajam, Annie Mac, UKF, Mixmag and many more, Rockwell’s long playing take on modern day drum & bass left an indelible mark.

Now we ready ourselves for the first official new music from the Rockwell camp since then as he introduces the ‘Chorus Of Disapproval EP’, another telling title preparing us for Tom’s lurid, uncompromising trademark production inside. Described by DJ Mag as the ‘punky junglist’, there’s no doubt that the Rockwell’s subversive styles and unchallenged ingenuity are still burning brightly as ever. Long may it continue.

1. Rockwell - Hoez to the Floor (Original Mix)
2. Rockwell - Pulse OSX (Original Mix)
3. Rockwell - Chorus of Disapproval (Original Mix)
4. Rockwell - Out of Vogue (Original Mix)

Release Date: October 28th
Source: Shogun Audio
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