[Release] Radical Guru strikes for Moonshine with pure Dub release

Prior to our regular vinyl release schedule, we have decided to make a last-minute digital single up for grab for all fans. This EP, entitled ‘Build Fire’, comes from Polish dub master Radikal Guru, who’s nearly ready for his next full album coming out in November.

The EP contains two tracks, crafted by Radical Guru. 'Build Fire' is strenghtened by the Jay Speaker's Lyrics. 'Build Dub' is a pure dubby track with strong Jamaican influence in it with fragmentated lyrical components, cutted from 'Build Fire'. The third track in the release is version of 'Build Dub', produced by Bukkha. The vocals are not so fragmentated like in the original Dub version, but the Bass is powerful as well.

01. Build Fire ft. Jay Spaker
02. Build Dub
03. Build Fire ft. Jay Spaker (Bukkha remix)

Format: Digital
Release-date: 21st of October 2016
Bandcamp Pre-Order: https://moonshinerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/build-fire
Source: Moonshine Recordings

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