[Release] The newest EP by Agressor Bunx heads for Blackout Music

Proving that two heads are better than one, Ukrainian brothers Agressor Bunx are energising the dancefloor once more with the Critical Moment EP for Blackout.

Friction recently played “Call Me Back” on his BBC Radio 1 show and high-profile plays from the likes of DJ Hype on his KISS FM show have ensured their debut EP for the mighty Dutch label enjoys the best possible start to life. The quality of Drum & Bass coming out of Eastern Europe is immense, and this is only highlighted by Agressor Bunx’s determined and powerful music. The duo have already hit some highs with releases on Ram Records, Eatbrain and Bad Taste and can count Andy C, Noisia, The Upbeats and Black Sun Empire as part of their army of fans.

The Critical Moment EP is a strong and evocative body of work. Coming out of the blocks at a relentless pace and never even considering slowing down, the Agressor Bunx brothers have found a sound that fills a deep, dark and extremely creative niche. These are driving, hard-edged and tech-fuelled tracks, but they retain the element of funk that allows them to float along the edge of a number of sub-genres and appeal to a wider range of fans.

Release Date: October 14th
Source: Infectious PR

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