[Release] The New World Order EP by Telekinesis is almost here

If you didn't know about the depth of talent in the Slovenian DnB scene, you're sure to get a hard and fast education from this four track monster by Telekinesis on Blackout Recordings.

Individually, Smooth and Markoman have some solid pedigree, but as a duo they have found a partnership that continues to grow and develop with previous releases for State Of Mind, Bad Taste and Viper to their credit. Plenty of the scene's glitterati have championed the boys' work since they formed in 2009 - from DJ Hype on his KISS FM show to Crissy Criss on his BBC Radio 1 show. The New World Order EP, however, feels like a coming of age piece that is set to bring Telekinesis out of the shadows and into the technicolour glow of the big time. You know, that kind of musical craftsmanship where upon first listen you feel like 'Yeah, I got these guys' sound now and I'm totally on board!' - bobbing your head, pulling a bassface, whilst at the same time imagining the plethora of situations that could be graced with a little side of  Conspiracy. Maybe the commute is getting you down, so you shove on NWO to release the endorphin-like tingle that makes the whole world seem like a better place.

However you use them, this particular collection of tracks feels like it was custom-made for Blackout. Punchy beats, rolling basslines and a dark energy that is invigorating and fearsome all at the same time. The New World Order is here, and it has Telekinesis at the helm.

Release Date: November 4th
Source: Infectious PR
Buy / Stream: https://fanlink.to/tlknssnwo

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